Graphic / Editorial



We were in charge of the binding and typesetting of Natsuyosha Diary (Shu pongseon / Shugetsuen), which describes a year of working part-time at Natsuyosha, a one-man publishing house in Kichijoji.
The title, handwritten by Shu, is combined with no more raw photographs taken by the author himself, and the design is in blue, the same colour as his favourite fountain pen, to express the days of his youth.
The cover and text paper are co-paper, in Neue grey. The greyish paper is gentle on the eyes and allows for a comfortable reading experience, while expressing the feelings of those not-so-perfect days.
The biotope (Magellan blue), the colour closest to fountain pen ink, was chosen for the reverse side, creating a calm impression, but with a striking contrast to the grey.
Blue and white stripes were used for the headband. This is one of the points where He's charming personality can be subtly felt.

Artdirection, Book Design: Tomoya Wakasugi

Client: Shugetsuen