Career & Care


仕事と介護を担う女性たちへのサポートを目的として設立された日本初の一般社団法人Career & CareのVIを制作しました。女性の微笑む口元を双葉に見立て、介護をしながら働く女性が笑顔で健康な人生を送れる未来を願い、その笑顔の先では必ず大きな花が咲くというストーリーをマークにしました。また、大きく咲き誇るオレンジの花は女性たちの未来を照らす太陽を想起させるものでもあります。

Created the VI for Career & Care, the first general incorporated association in Japan established to provide support to women who are both working and caring for others. The logo represents a woman's smiling mouth as a twin leaf, wishing for a future where women who work while caring for others can lead healthy lives with a smile, and a story that a big flower will surely bloom at the end of that smile. The large, blooming orange flower also reminds women of the sun shining on their future.

Art Direction, Design: Tomoya Wakasugi

Client: Career & Care